Coming Soon:
Secure Remote Access, a New Two-factor Authentication Tool from Duo

Every day, passwords are stolen, cracked, phished, guessed, bought, captured or leaked. Passwords are no longer enough for protecting login credentials - that's why ITS Security is implementing a new tool, called Secure Remote Access for use when accessing these applications remotely from outside the CHI network. Introduction of the tool begins soon with a pilot in ITS and another pilot at CHI Franciscan Health. After the pilots are completed, Secure Remote Access will be implemented on a location-by-location basis across CHI. Secure Remote Access includes a 'remember my device' feature and can be used offline, with mobile apps, or landlines. Feedback from physicians and clinicians, during initial proof of concept testing, has been overwhelming positive. Watch for details about how to enroll.

Access to this system or subsequent systems is For Authorized Users Only. With continued access the user represents that they are an authorized user. All information processed, stored, accessed or transmitted to or from this system is subject to monitoring and recording at all times.

Users should assume no expectation of privacy in using this CHI owned system. CHI does, however, maintain the confidentiality of protected or privileged information of CHI and its related entities, including information subject to the attorney work product, anticipation of litigation and attorney-client privileges, as well as HIPAA and clinical or quality improvement-based protections.

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